Review from RadioIndy

The self-titled collection by Lele Lele is an upbeat, energetic, and diverse collection of world tunes. Utilizing the heavenly sounds of the acoustic guitar and many native instruments, Lele Lele devises fluid, free-spirited tunes that are sure to leave lasting impressions. “En Magisk Hatt” starts things off right, wasting no time in acquainting listeners to the wide array of traditional instruments Lele Lele strategically orchestrates, as well as the vibrant and unique vocal performances. Taking on Middle-Eastern flair, “Zima” carries on the danceable mood of the CD while displaying some very memorable musical hooks. Furthermore, “Cogs & Gears” slows down the pace a bit while revealing a more emotional appeal to listeners. Superb production tops this assembly off, making it a prime choice for fans of world compositions.
Xavier and the Reviewer Team

YouTube video from Södra Bar

If you missed our performance at Södra Bar we have a treat for you. Someone in the audience filmed parts of it with phone and put it up on YouYube. The sound is not stellar but we think it might give you an idea of what Lele Lele is like live. We had a guest in this concert – flamenco dancer Pia Pohjakallio!

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