The first review of the album is in!, a website focused on progressive and psychedelic music,  has given us our first review. Check it out. We hope that we will be able to go to Belgium and show them what we are able to in a live setting. More reviews to come shortly!

“I have been very enthusiastic since I first heard Lele Lele’s demo. Now I was pleased to see a professionally recorded official CD. With an education in Bulgarian folk as well as Indian classical music, the group developed a unique style mix rooted more in Bulgarian folk mostly, singing sometimes wordless (like the Indians do on rhythm/tala) to Bulgarian folk tunes adding a portion of humour. The CD itself sounded a bit more serious however, and with a few less surprises from the Indian proportions, while remaining a real absolute enjoyable album, from which I can still imagine what would happen additionally in a live concert. I have read that the Bulgarian dance folk live results often in Bulgarian ring dance in the audience, while the focus on improvisations gives the musicians some space to individual solos and further group developments of improvisations. The last and longest track has more focus on sitar developments. I hope someone now will book them in Belgium or somewhere close so that I can experience them more directly.”