Lele Lele says:THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

to everyone who made our Finnish tour (july 2010) possible and so amazing! And these are:

Pontus Estling for great playing & contribution, Emmi Knuutinen for wonderful collaboration & lots of fun on stage in Helsinki, Kalle Katz for an unforgettable jam in Loviisa, promotion & great help, Mirella Pendolin, Thomas Holm, Petter Byholm, Börje Mattsson & Co. at Faces Etnofestival, Djs Borzin & Levy at Club Balkan Fever!!!, Timothy Kühn at Saltbodan, Katariina Luoma at Loviisan Sanomat & last but no least is our audience – THANK YOU!!! for the wild dance, listening, postive energy & support! See you soon!

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